About Us

MRG Effitas is a UK-based independent IT security research company that provides a range of cutting- edge efficacy assessment and assurance services to organisations around the world.

MRG Effitas’ origins began in 2009 when “The Malware Research Group” was formed by Sveta Miladinov, an independent security researcher and consultant. In June 2009 Chris Pickard joined, bringing expertise in process and methodology design gained from his experience in the business process outsourcing market.

The Malware Research Group, which became known simply as “MRG”, rapidly gained a reputation as the leading efficacy assessor in the browser and online banking space. Due to increasing demand for its assessments and the team’s desire to expand their service portfolio, MRG was restructured in 2011 and became “MRG Effitas”, a subsidiary of the parent company “Effitas”.

In November 2013 Zoltan Balazs joined the team as CTO, bringing vast experience of malware analysis, exploit testing and malware development.

In November 2015 Balazs Bucsay joined as Research Director – providing more than 10 years of experience in reverse engineering and ethical hacking – to coordinate our research and development in the security field.

Since its inception, MRG Effitas has focused on providing ground-breaking testing processes, realistically modelling real world environments in order to generate accurate efficacy assessments appropriate for new security technologies and emerging threats.

Today, MRG Effitas is recognised by several leading security vendors as being the most innovative testing and assessment organisation in the market. Its team of analysts, researchers and associates span EMEA, USA and China, meaning that the company has a truly global presence.

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