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NextGen protection is the new vanguard in the war against malicious threats, and Effitas is playing a key role in helping our clients to evolve their products.

Nextgen Protection Testing

NextGen is a new kind of protection software. Whereas traditional anti-malware technology relies on recognizing signatures, NextGen protection products mostly rely on Machine Learning to identify malicious code, meaning they usually provide better protection against threats not seen before.

We have world-class domain expertise, having worked with NextGen products since their inception, and carry out public and private (commercial in confidence) work for clients within this space.

When we test NextGen software, as well as using more conventional methods we also test using fresh malware less than 24 hours old, and malware that has been packed.

Having invested heavily into research capability we are competent to work with cloud-based and signature-less antimalware protection, and can create from scratch or modify malicious software in order to assess antimalware in this burgeoning market. NextGen products’ use of machine learning means these products are at the forefront of online security, so demand for testing is high.

We have our own malware feed and can test NextGen products against malware that is not in the wild. We can modify malware that already exist, create new APTs or obfuscate them using new or existing packers.

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Case Study: Carbon Black

As a leading consultancy and testing house, MRG Effitas’ innovative approach makes them uniquely qualified to be growth-enablers for leading cybersecurity firms such as Carbon Black. Their insight is respected across the industry and we consider their endorsement valuable to our company, our cybersecurity solutions, and the market as a whole."

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