360 Degree Protection Testing

A first-of-its-kind test that covers all angles, our pioneering 360 Degree Protection Test targets the key threats faced by internet users. In each test case we employ the full spectrum of Early Life Malware. We use a Time-To-Detect metric to measure how long it takes each application to detect and neutralise missed threats.

Our Phishing Test assesses products’ capabilities in blocking Phishing websites.

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Next-Gen Network Appliance/Endpoint Protection Testing

Companies face the challenge that their multi-layered protections with firewalls, anti-virus systems and intrusion detection systems can be bypassed by targeted attacks or advanced opportunistic attacks (Advanced Persistent Threats). Vendors responded to this problem with APT detection appliances, also known as breach detection systems or next-generation intrusion detection systems. We provide efficacy and comparative assessments of these APT detection appliances, with custom developed, never-seen-before malware.

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In-The-Wild Exploit Testing

Criminals on the internet started to distribute malware to victims years ago by targeting vulnerabilities in browsers, browser plugins, and document readers. The obfuscation used in these attacks renders some traditional antivirus protections ineffective. Thus vendors started to develop products which can detect and block exploits against these vulnerabilities, so the malware does not have a chance to start working. We provide efficacy and comparative assessments of these anti-exploit protections.

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Safe browser tests

Internet Security Suites and Financial Endpoint Protection systems can provide a safe browser solution to prevent the theft of confidential data and protect the integrity of financial transactions by protecting a browser against financial malware (e.g. Zeus, Dyre, Tinba, SpyEye, etc.). We provide efficacy and comparative assessments of these safe-browser protections.

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Recent projects

MRG Effitas Online Banking Certification Q3 2017

2018 / 01 /11

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MRG Effitas 360 Assessment & Certification Q3 2017

2017 / 12 /12

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Blog news

Android AV vs. Third-Party App Stores

2017 / 11 /10

Introduction Recently, we have been working on some advanced Android malware and to test some ideas, we opted to create some custom samples. Our approach was based on the fact that many 3rd party app stores offer applications, which have been infected with malware ( Many of the offerings from 3rd party app stores are paid apps from Google’s Play Store – however, most of the 3rd party app stores promise the same app for free. As it turns out, many of the applications from alternative app stores also bring malware. We decided to model a malicious 3rd party app …

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