Evolving with the threats, anticipating the future

Effitas is a leader in this field, recognised for  innovation that helps our clients evolve as endpoint threats do.

Endpoint Protection Testing

Our endpoint protection testing involves assessing the efficacy of any software designed to protect an endpoint (Windows, MacOS or other piece of equipment that someone uses to access the internet in a personal or business context).

Our service covers existing anti-virus, anti-malware and NextGen technology. It also includes mobile Android testing, which is becoming more significant as mobile internet access increases. This service includes 360° testing.

Effitas was the first laboratory to use simulators and conduct banking testing, and remains the only testing house to assess whether data exfiltration is occurring. Clients in the NextGen space approach us because they know we can meet their testing requirements and continually look to, and anticipate, the future.

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Case Study: Webroot

Webroot has worked with MRG Effitas over the past several years due to their unique capacity to test efficacy functionality that goes beyond simply blocking a threat. While Effitas does understand that prevention is important, they were the first to introduce testing that looked at detection of specific malicious behaviors by using malware simulation tools to replicate what behaviors were being encountered in the wild.

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