APT detection (or breach detection) appliance tests

Companies are facing challenges that their multi-layered protections with firewalls, anti-virus systems, intrusion detection systems gets bypassed by targeted attacks or advanced opportunistic attacks (Advanced Persistent Threats). Vendors responded to this problem with the APT detection appliances, or as others call it breach detection systems, or next-generation intrusion detection systems. We provide efficacy and comparative assessments of these APT-detection appliances, with custom developed, never seen before malware.

Safe browser tests

Internet Security Suites and Financial Endpoint Protection systems may provide a safe browser solution, which can prevent of stealing confidential data, or modifying the integrity of the financial transactions by protecting a browser against the financial malware (e.g. Zeus, Dyre, Tinba, SpyEye, etc.) running on the victim. We provide efficacy and comparative assessments of these safe-browser protections.

World’s biggest malware supplier

MRG Effitas provides worlds’s biggest malware supply services up to 300.000 malicious binaries, URL’s, Android APK’s and exploit traffic depending on the package. These services are available only to the following organizations; Security Software Developers / Vendors, Law Enforcement Agencies, Military, PMC/PSC, Government…

Exploit tests (in-the-wild and in-the-lab)

Criminals on the internet started to distribute malware to the victims years ago, via targeting vulnerabilities in the browser, in browser plugins, and in document readers. The obfuscation used in these attacks render some traditional AV protections ineffective. Thus vendors started to develop products which can detect and block exploits against these vulnerabilities, so the malware does not have a chance to start. We provide efficacy and comparative assessments of these anti-exploit protections.

Develop malware for red teaming tests

Red team is a group of white-hat hackers that attack an organization’s digital infrastructure as an attacker would in order to test the organization’s defenses on a continual basis. During this process, red team members constantly need new malware to bypass the current defenses. Our team can provide new malware for these red teaming tasks, which will be hard to detect, compared to malware used from public sources.

Traditional anti-virus tests

Although it is trendy to say that anti-virus is dead, most anti-virus systems evolved in the past 5 years in a way that it is not a good idea to call them anti-virus at all. Our key focus is on financial malware, ransomware and remote access trojan tests, as these type of malware are the biggest threats companies and home users are facing nowadays. We provide efficacy and comparative assessments of these anti-virus products with in-the-wild, fresh malware sample.

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