A recognised innovator in an emerging market

Effitas provides some of the most innovative APT Protection testing in the global market.
We have long recognised that this is an emerging market and our strategy has been to invest heavily into engineering to develop a world-leading capability.

APT Protection Testing

Advanced persistent threats (APTs) are potential attackers with the ability and intent to attack specific, high profile targets using malware that is either evolving from existing threats or is completely new.

In order to test effectively in the APT market, we must therefore create new malware or modify existing malware. Known as obfuscation, this practice involves re-packing the malicious code so that it appears different to any protective anti-malware and thus creates what is as close as possible to a fresh, real-world assessment.

Normally, security solutions recognise the signals that packers create, so we create from scratch or modify one-off packers that security systems do not recognise. We can apply this to anti-malware testing for when we assess the effectiveness of endpoint protection.

We also use digitally-signed malware with valid signatures, or we can simulate C&C servers with any IP/DNS combination in our test environment. We also integrate custom exploit encryption and in-memory malware in our tests.

APT Protection testing demands heavyweight technical and cloud competence. Our clients work with us because they know we offer the highest possible assurance in this field.

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Case Study: Webroot

Webroot has worked with MRG Effitas over the past several years due to their unique capacity to test efficacy functionality that goes beyond simply blocking a threat. While Effitas does understand that prevention is important, they were the first to introduce testing that looked at detection of specific malicious behaviors by using malware simulation tools to replicate what behaviors were being encountered in the wild.

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