Anticipating trends before they happen

Effitas is keeping ahead of the field in MacOS protection by conducting our own research on existing and new MacOS Malware and tracking the success of MacOS antivirus in blocking it.

MacOS Protection Testing

To date, Macs have proven less prone to malware because they have a smaller market share than PCs (meaning malware creators aren’t as interested in them) and a more secure operating system. But we can and do provide Mac protection testing, for any of our core testing areas.

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Case Study: Webroot

Webroot has worked with MRG Effitas over the past several years due to their unique capacity to test efficacy functionality that goes beyond simply blocking a threat. While Effitas does understand that prevention is important, they were the first to introduce testing that looked at detection of specific malicious behaviors by using malware simulation tools to replicate what behaviors were being encountered in the wild.

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