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Effitas tests Ransomware endpoint and backup solutions for some of the world’s largest protection firms. As Ransomware is always evolving, we ensure that we keep up with the trends and continually update our testing scenarios.

Ransomware Protection & Remediation Testing

Ransomware is the newest member of the ever-expanding malware family. Many consider it to be the most notorious and complex piece of widespread malware in the wild today. Ransomware uses different techniques to lock or encrypt your computer or endpoint system, leaving you with the need to buy back your system – which does not always work.

Security applications have made massive strives to combat Ransomware – but the hackers are still one step ahead. To combat them, we have developed a system which tests the capability of products to protect your system from Ransomware attacks, as well as to remove/decrypt the Ransomware from a compromised system.

Years ago vendors introduced additional elements to their technology to protect against data exfiltration from browsers, and many now have the technology to protect against Ransomware. Organisations often use antivirus and backup solutions to mitigate against data loss through exfiltration, but you should not assume a backup technology will offer any related protection.

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Case Study: Carbon Black

As a leading consultancy and testing house, MRG Effitas’ innovative approach makes them uniquely qualified to be growth-enablers for leading cybersecurity firms such as Carbon Black. Their insight is respected across the industry and we consider their endorsement valuable to our company, our cybersecurity solutions, and the market as a whole."

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