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MRG Effitas is a world-leader in innovative, independent IT security efficacy assessment testing, research and expertise.

In the drive to protect businesses and home users from ever more advanced malicious threats, malware and viruses, our innovative research and testing is helping security vendors to be the best they can be.

Having invested heavily into market-leading expertise, we are at the frontier of efficacy assessment and testing and the most forward-looking research organisation in our field, with a unique degree of technical competence in anticipating and planning for future trends and challenges, for example in WAF and NextGen testing.

We are trusted by the major Anti-Virus and digital security vendors to assess their products and to provide technical expertise and insight.

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Our leadership team is happy to be approached to provide informed quote within our field of expertise. We like to understand the purposes of the request, context, the publication and any further supporting information. We are not always able to oblige and reserve the right to politely decline, but we support the promulgation of knowledge and are an active part of our knowledge community. In the first instance please contact our marketing team at [email protected]

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