Helping you test against brand new malware, or outsource your red team

Effitas is world-renowned for our ability to create a wide variety of new malware from scratch or modify malware that already exists using our own packages. We can reverse engineer existing malware and create simulations from it. We use this malware for APT protection testing and red teaming tests.

About Red Team Testing

Red teaming is in-house ethical hacking that tests the rigour of a network. In the past, big companies used penetration testers to check their networks and applications. The pen-testers were effectively ethical hackers hired to identify weaknesses in organisational IT networks. The red teams would write a report on their findings and that was often the full extent of the exercise.

But this approach doesn’t scale well in the modern world. The next step was for organisations to create a red (attack) team within the organisation to constantly attack the network and a blue (defence) team to monitor, assess and try to nullify the attacks. Red teams usually work to specific goals, such as hacking a document on the CEO’s desktop or gaining domain credentials. Once an exercise is complete, the red and blue teams work together to analyse the attack and develop a more effective defence.

Some organisations have highly competent teams whilst others lack the resources and skills to develop effective red-team exercises, and this is where we can help by providing specially-developed malware.

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Case Study: Webroot

Webroot has worked with MRG Effitas over the past several years due to their unique capacity to test efficacy functionality that goes beyond simply blocking a threat. While Effitas does understand that prevention is important, they were the first to introduce testing that looked at detection of specific malicious behaviors by using malware simulation tools to replicate what behaviors were being encountered in the wild.

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