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MRG Effitas is one of the world’s largest ethical suppliers of malicious software. We provide up to 300,000 malicious samples, URLs, Android APKs and exploit traffic per day.

Malware Supply

These services are available to only the following organizations: Security Software Developers/Vendors/Law Enforcement Agencies/Military/PMC & PSC/Government.

Our work in this area includes running honeypots to catch new malware samples, outsourcing, working with third party contractors and working with partners to exchange malware samples. Through these methodologies we are able to collect vast numbers of diverse malware and provide access to these new streams of samples to clients.

We also supply URLs that connect to sites that have been compromised by droppers or phishing sites, such as fake personal banking sites.

Malware can be regional; it varies across the globe. We supply ours across the world, in different countries and regions. Our malware is also very young – its value is in its newness to the market. Much of the malware we supply is less than 24 hours old, and we also have a brand new zero-day malware feed.

We supply a number of major vendors, outlets and media in our markets.

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Case Study: Neil Rubenking, PC Magazine

I can’t rate an antivirus without doing as much hands-on testing as I can manage... With the feed from Effitas, I have a chance to check each product’s ability both to identify and block malware-hosting sites and to detect malware that’s prevalent on the very day of testing. It’s a huge help.

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