The de facto industry standard

Our 360° certification is the recognised industry benchmark for protection products.
Our ongoing testing and certification of vendors’ endpoint protection is helping them to improve the effectiveness of their protection technology – and get certified in the process.

360° Protection Testing

A first-of-its-kind test that covers all angles, our pioneering 360 Degree Protection Test targets the key threats faced by internet users. In each test case we employ the full spectrum of Early Life Malware. We use a Time-To-Detect metric to measure how long it takes each application to detect and neutralise missed threats. Our Phishing Test assesses products’ capabilities in blocking Phishing websites.

We can assess the efficacy of endpoint protection software for home or work, against a wide variety of attacks. We run these tests over a year, testing each month and publishing our results quarterly. We certify any software that passes for four consecutive quarters.

Our clients can have their software tested and the results fed back to them either privately or publicly. In either case, in advising how they have scored and whether they have passed, we also offer ongoing feedback whilst we test. If we find an issue we can work with vendors to patch the hole, to improve the effectiveness of their technology. This is proving especially useful for organisations in the NextGen and other emerging technology spaces.

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Case Study: Webroot

Webroot has worked with MRG Effitas over the past several years due to their unique capacity to test efficacy functionality that goes beyond simply blocking a threat. While Effitas does understand that prevention is important, they were the first to introduce testing that looked at detection of specific malicious behaviors by using malware simulation tools to replicate what behaviors were being encountered in the wild.

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