The MRG Effitas team is happy to announce that as of February 1st we will be offering our new and upgraded Malware Supply Services.

The services cover the provision of malicious binaries and malicious URLs, each being available in three different levels so as to meet the needs of all clients.



Malicious Binary Supply Service:

  • Premium  – up to 400,000 binaries / day.
  • Advanced – up to 250,000  binaries / day.
  • Standard   – up to 100,000  binaries / day.


Malicious URL Supply Service:

  • Premium  – up to 400,000 URLs / day.
  • Advanced – up to 200,000 URLs / day.
  • Standard  – up to 50,000URLs / day.


These services are available only to the following organizations; Security Software Developers / Vendors, Law Enforcement Agencies, Military, PMC/PSC, Government Institutions, Financial Institutions and Testing Organizations.


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