Next-Gen Network Appliance/Endpoint Protection Testing

There is a huge difference between “standard” malware and malware that has been designed for a targeted attack on a pre-identified victim (organisation, company etc.).

Advanced attackers continually change their tactics in order to evade reactive technologies. Proactive threat detection is thus more important than ever, whether in the form of network appliances listening on the network, or protection code running on the endpoints.

These targeted attacks require special testing, because the protection system has to detect malware it has never seen before. That’s why we have created the following components in our next-gen testing methodology:

  • New malware written from scratch
  • custom packers
  • custom exploit obfuscation
  • URL simulation
  • digitally signed code
  • in-memory malware
  • By combining these, we can create test cases which simulate advanced attackers who already know how to bypass reactive defences.

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