When conducting the quarterly comparative quality assessments, we – MRG Effitas – evaluate the reliability and efficiency of security solutions against financial threats.

We tested a group of internet security suits and anti-financial fraud applications.

Out of all the products we tested, only four managed to pass all stages of the tests throughout of the last four quarters. Out of those four applications, two were dedicated anti-financial fraud products – Quarri POQ and Wontok Safecentral, and the other two were internet security suites. These internet security suites, Kaspersky Internet Security and Webroot SecureAnywhere, actually harden the existing user’s browser with their SafeMoney (Kaspersky) and IdentityShield (Webroot) technologies.

Online Banking/Browser Security Award for 2014/2015

Online Banking/Browser Security Award for 2014/2015

Throughout the four tests the solutions had to combat collections of recently-discovered, active financial malware, and to prevent any leakage of payment data during transactions made from already-infected systems that were designed to imitate the most commonly-seen botnets. In Q2 2014, the researchers simulated a Man-in-The-Middle attack, in Q3 2014 and Q1 2015 the tests tried to deceive security systems by redirecting API calls, and in Q4 2014 they bypassed browser protection with the help of Windows Application Compatibility and the Windows AppInit DLL method.

The Online Banking/Browser Security Award trophy is shaped like a shield with a coin bearing the Effitas logo positioned on a pedestal behind it. The focus can be on the shield or on the coin resting on the pedestal. The shield symbolizes protection and security, while the coin symbolizes value and wealth. The shape can also be interpreted as an open shell in which a coin is shown instead of a pearl. The carbon fiber frame on the shield and the pedestal symbolizes the use of advanced technology, security and safety. The award was designed by IndividuARCHT, Hungary.

Award logo