We are delighted that we have been asked to present at VB2018 which will take place from 3-5 October 2018, at the Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth hotel in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

MRG Effitas CTO Zoltan Balazs will deliver a presentation entitled, “Explain Ethereum smart contract hacking like I am five”.

In the world of Ethereum, Blockchain, mining and DAO, only a few people can design and implement smart contracts that are truly secure. In this presentation, Zoltan will explain, using real-world analogies, how smart contracts hacking works – first explaining the meaning of the key concepts referred to above.

After attending this presentation, the audience should understand how a recursive call can burn 250M USD on the DAO and how the developers can create a parallel universe where this didn’t happen.

Zoltan will use his expertise to make concepts like Reinit, multi-signature wallets and the parity hack seem (relatively) straightforward by establishing a solid grounding in the basics of smart contract hacking.

Martijn Grooten, Editor at Virus Bulletin, says: “Whatever one’s views on blockchain technology, blockchain-based ‘smart contracts’ are very real and real money is invested into them. And sometimes this money is lost, stolen or made temporarily unavailable, not through ordinary hacks or thefts, but because of design and programming mistakes in smart contracts themselves.

At VB2018, MRG Effitas researcher Zoltán Balázs will provide a high-level introduction into how smart contracts work and will then discuss various hacks, thus providing the audience with a good understanding of the issues with this new technology.”

Zoltan is scheduled to speak on Thursday 4 October 14:30 – 15:00 in the Green room.

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