In 2011, MRG Effitas started working with the BBC on a TV programme highlighting the risks of financial malware and the ineffectiveness of traditional security suites against the MitB attacks employed by this class of malware. The programme was broadcast in February 2012 on the BBC News channel to an audience of millions worldwide.

MRG Effitas has conducted a follow-up to the test we conducted for the BBC and will publish this on the 16th November. This test uses the same model of financial malware simulator which was independently verified by S21Sec and used in the BBC programme. We have retested all the original security applications from the programme and included several others.

We have created two new financial malware simulators and have conducted a test using these against a range of security applications which are dedicated browser security or antilogging products and some internet security suites which purport to offer browser security functionality for secure online banking.