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A cryptocurrency miner application which uses a computer’s resources (central processing unit, memory) without the consent of the owner. The [...]


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Very simply put, cryptocurrency is best understood as a form of digital money. The most famous example is Bitcoin, though [...]

Script files

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Most executable file types are binary files. Binary files are first written as a source code, then compiled into binary [...]

Fileless attack

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Although a typical malware attack on the Windows platform involves dropping an executable file on the disk, a fileless attack [...]

DoS attacks

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DoS stands for "Denial-of-Service". DoS attacks aim to make a target resource unreachable or incapable of handling its standard tasks [...]


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A special type of malware with only one intent: Destruction. Wiper malware sometimes act as ransomware by encrypting files on [...]

Malware analysis

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The process of reversing a malicious binary or code, or observing a malware's behaviour during running. Since running malware is [...]