Purple Teams

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Some organisations use purple teams who carry out the work of both red and blue teams, hunting, detecting and fixing [...]

Blue Teams

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Internal security teams who defend against real and simulated (i.e. red team) attacks. They have to be constantly vigilant against [...]

Red Teams

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External ethical hackers (legitimate, licenced, deliberately-hired) brought in to test the effectiveness of a security programme by emulating a real [...]

Ethical hackers

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Legal, legitimate, licenced hackers who are deliberately employed or hired by organisations to test their digital security defences. See Red [...]

Script kiddie

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Also known as a skiddie or skid. An unskilled amateur hacker who uses existing exploit programs and files (scripts) to [...]


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The term botnet is derived from the words robot and network. A bot in this case is a device infected [...]


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Irrelevant or unsolicited email messages, typically to a large number of users, for the purposes of advertising or, in the [...]