Effitas research

Effitas Research was created because MRG Effitas observed the need for a paradigm shift in the way the mainstream security assessment labs operated.

Under the “traditional” model, threat actors (malware developers and hackers) created a new threat. Security vendors observed the new threat and created new technology to counter this. Testing labs assessed the efficacy of the new technology with old testing methodologies.

We believed that, to provide more objective efficacy assessments, we needed to act more like the threat actors and be proactive.

We achieve this by:

  • Creating reverse-engineered In The Wild malware (FM, RAT, Ransomware etc. and low-volume emerging threats)
  • Creating POC simulators that need not map to anything In The Wild – thus reflecting new malware, not yet made.
  • Working with other research organisations, universities etc. in order to ensure our understanding of threats is current and give us visibility of future trends.
  • Developing our own crypters, packers, exploit obfuscators, URL simulators, sandbox evasion techniques, digitally signed malware etc. to simulate advanced attackers.
  • Effitas Research combats Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) by providing the technology required to test in the Next-Gen endpoint and network spaces.

    All of the above means that Effitas has a greater technical capability in simulating APT actors than any other testing lab and helps drive and facilitate INNOVATION.

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