Effitas Ltd.

Effitas is the ultimate owner of the Effitas Group of companies and has INNOVATION and OPPORTUNITY as its two core values. It is our adherence to these values that has led to our status as pioneers in our field, with our constituent companies the first to identify, develop and offer crucial services to high-technology businesses in various IT security spaces.

It is through providing such services that we can help transform clients with “bleeding edge” technologies into those with market-leading technologies.

Effitas was appointed as ultimate owner of all Effitas companies in order to facilitate more efficient expansion and growth. As the parent company it has a number of key roles, primarily:

  • Maintain and control the vision and ethos of each of the Effitas companies.
  • Identify new markets and emerging technologies and ensure existing Effitas companies capture the services required by these, or where appropriate, create new businesses to facilitate the same.
  • Manage all contractual and legal matters for all of the Effitas companies.
  • Control all mergers and acquisitions for inorganic growth.
  • Encourage entrepreneurship and innovation for all senior executives of Effitas’ companies through share ownership.
  • Ensure the Effitas Group and all Effitas companies are “good citizens” and ultimately enhance the lives of our clients and the wider security world.
  • Our partners