effitas ASIA LTD.

Effitas Asia is a wholly owned subsidiary of Effitas and has its offices at the same location, the prestigious One Canada Square in the heart of London’s Canary Wharf.

Effitas Asia was created to complement the malware supply services of MRG Effitas and to solve an issue faced by antimalware and other security vendors in the rapidly expanding Chinese market: that by default, it is unlawful to store malware or malicious URLs anywhere in this region unless it is stored in a very specific location, sanctioned by the authorities.

Antimalware vendors in most countries are able to add to their signatures by using crawlers and honeypots to cover the globe and their own region, to better protect their local users. This option becomes extremely bureaucratic – or in some cases impossible – for many Chinese vendors.

The solution Effitas Asia provides is our feed of malicious binaries, APKs and URLs, gathered from the entire globe, fed directly from our secure servers in the EU, directly to Chinese security vendors. This provides a government-certified single point of storage, greatly reducing complexity, bureaucracy and costs whilst increasing efficiency.

By using this service, Chinese antimalware vendors can access the world’s number one malicious binary, APK and URL feed.

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