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Project details: MRG Effitas Real World Exploit Prevention Test March 2015

  • Diverse set of exploit kits (12)
  • Diverse set of vulnerabilities (16 different CVEs) in the product comparison
  • Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome exploits used
  • Large number of internet security suites and anti-exploit tools – 13 products
  • Use of in-the-wild in-memory malware
  • Test with an artificial zero-day attack
  • Manual test and result analysis
  • Combined in-the-wild and Metasploit test
  • Sponsored by SurfRight – HitmanPro Alertv3

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MRG Effitas Project 45

Project details : MRG Effitas Online Banking Browser Security Certification Project Q4 -2014

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MRG Effitas Project 44

Project details : MRG Effitas 360 Assessment & Certification Programme Q4 -2014

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