Award 2016/2017

Webroot wins MRG Effitas’ Online Banking/Browser Security Award for 2016/2017

We are delighted to announce that we are able to deliver the 2016-2017 MRG Effitas Online Banking/Browser Security award to Webroot for its Webroot SecureAnywhere software.

Webroot wins the award based on our 2016 Q2, Q3, Q4 and 2017 Q1 tests.

Our award is the result of our quarterly comparative quality assessment which evaluates the reliability and efficiency of security solutions against financial threats. It has become the de facto standard of the industry.

The Banking Certification testing is demanding, so this represents a significant achievement for Webroot.

The tests we use to determine the winners of this award replicate real world conditions:   during the fourth quarter of the tests, we tested the solutions against in-the-wild financial malware, botnets running in our environment (SpyEye, Citadel, TinyNuke, in-memory Zeus, ZeusVM) and, in the simulator tests, developed new simulators targeting the following functionalities: Event tracing IE and Edge, hooking HTTPSendRequest and Encryptmessage, using Browser Helper Objects and using in-memory keyloggers.

Our award signifies that the tested Internet Security Suits and Safe Browsers can protect online banking transactions and e-shopping on a computer which is infected with active financial malware. The Internet Security Suits Browser Protection and Safe Browsers will prevent the malware from stealing credit card data or modifying the online banking transaction. Recipients of our award showed that they are capable of protecting their users against both known and the unknown threats.

Grayson Milbourne, Security Intelligence Director at Webroot, said:

“This award demonstrates how Webroot continues to be a leader in innovation by evolving our technology to keep up with sophisticated threats. Throughout testing, not only did our solution block all known financial-focused threats, but its layered approach protected against MRG’s custom-built simulators that replicate advanced data compromise techniques.”

Chris Pickard, CEO of MRG Effitas, said: “It is an achievement just to pass our Banking Certification, so to win this award is really impressive. The tests we use to determine the winner of this award replicate real world conditions, so it’s a good indication that the relevant products by Webroot offer a level of protection that people badly need at this time.”




About the MRG Effitas Online Banking/Browser Security Award trophy

Our trophy is shaped like a shield with a coin bearing the Effitas logo positioned on a pedestal behind it. The focus can be on the shield or on the coin resting on the pedestal. The shield symbolizes protection and security, while the coin symbolizes value and wealth. The shape can also be interpreted as an open shell in which a coin is shown instead of a pearl. The carbon fibre frame on the shield and the pedestal symbolizes the use of advanced technology, security and safety. The award was designed by IndividuARCHT, Hungary.


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