MRG Effitas

Our mission & vision

Our mission is to help safeguard businesses and individuals globally from digital security threats, by providing a service that enables IT security vendors to excel in their product development. It is also to support newer tech organisations from the outset, using our expertise and forward-thinking approach to efficacy assessment to foster innovation across the industry.

Our vision is to become the world’s leading authority in all new technical domains within our markets. We will do this by refining and deploying our current expertise, by acting as a growth agent for existing clients and new technical start-ups, and by hiring the best individuals and treating them as such.

Our people

We are determined to continue to provide an environment and work that is rewarding for our staff, and to allow them to develop their expertise to the benefit of themselves and our customers. With a team of leading experts who fully share our vision, we believe Effitas can play a major role in safeguarding the world’s networks.

Our role as a growth champion

In addition to our work with established vendors we can work with innovative digital security start-ups, providing full lifecycle support, comparative assessments and expertise that establishes them at the leading edge of their industry. Our ability to quality-stamp burgeoning organisations means we can be a growth partner for new firms and potential investors.

World-leading Software Security Testing and Assessment

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