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Our value is in our expertise and ability to anticipate and recognise trends. Our culture is therefore one that cherishes enquiry and provides time and space for our people to refine and grow their knowledge, with a flexible approach to work based on project milestones.

It’s important to us that both our customers and employees experience delight in the work we do and it is our internal culture that has allowed us to become leaders in innovation.

We hire people for their expertise, so we reflect this in a flat structure and reward levels that recognize the contribution and value our employees drive into our customers and therefore our own business.

Words from our team

Among all the different types and sizes of companies where I have worked, I never felt so much freedom in creativity like at MRG Effitas.

MRG Effitas employee

It is a world-class team! The workplace culture is professional, the atmosphere is positive and friendly, where you can cooperate with talented people who work very hard each day. This attitude gives me an extra motivation. You can work on various challenging projects. You never stop learning at Effitas. Plus, I love the opportunity to work flexible hours.

MRG Effitas employee

Effitas is a great place to work. The expertise of the crew always provides someone to ask whenever I’m out of ideas. Besides, we work in a flexible, relaxed and inspiring atmosphere.

MRG Effitas employee

I don’t work for Effitas for the money. I work for them because I love the ground breaking technology we develop and because we have the culture and freedom to do this.

MRG Effitas employee

The expression TEAM describes MRG Effitas perfectly as we truly believe that Together Everyone Achieves More. Working with professionals whose main goal is to make the company and the industry better is a mindset that inspires us all. We are driven by the purpose to make an enhanced and more secure digital world for all humanity.

MRG Effitas employee

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